Need to Rid of Personal or Company Confidential Documents?
REACH Shredding provides secure proper destruction for your paper destroying needs. Being associated with the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and having worked with over 250 local business and residents, we take pride in our document handling and destruction.

Upon entering our facility with your own boxes or our secure shredding bins, your documents are guaranteed secure. Our facility is equipped with round-the-clock surveillance cameras, an alarm system, and motion detectors. Only authorized personnel have access to the facility. Document destruction also meets the privacy requirements for HIPAA and FACTA. The paper is processed through our high industrial cross cut shredders ensuring that those papers are reduced to minuscule pieces which are then recycled.

How this process works

  1. Call us for a free estimate, 907-796-3100.
  2. Schedule your documents for our pick up service, or you may drop them off at our facility at 5445 Shaune Dr, Juneau.
  3. Sit back and relax as REACH Shredding destroys those documents according to national standards!

So what are you waiting for? Those papers won’t shred themselves!
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Our shredding VS their shredding

Our available bin sizes

Shred Schedule
  • Monday
    • Recycling
  • Tuesday
    • Bulk Pickups
  • Wednesday
    • Bulk Pickups
  • Thursday
    • Downtown Pickups
  • Friday
    • Valley Pickups
Pricing Schedule
  • Call for pricing at 907-796-3100
Other Services
  • Don’t want to sort through your binders and folders? Don’t worry about that. We sort our material before sending it through the shredder.
  • We recycle more than paper. Mondays we pick up cardboard, glass, tin, plastic, and aluminum as well.
  • Worried about the charge for the pick-up? That’s one less thing to worry about since pick-ups are free of charge.
  • Did we mention that we loan out shredding bins? Our bins sizes vary from 9 gallons to 175 gallons.