REACH works with each individual to fit services around the person based on their needs and preferences. We provide services where and when they are needed. REACH staff assist people living in a variety of settings: in a home owned by REACH, in the person’s apartment or home, or in the family’s home. Our focus is not just in meeting a person’s immediate needs but in supporting meaningful community participation and relationships.

Independent Living

A person may be independent in some areas of life but need help on occasion or perhaps daily. REACH’s independent living teams support people and families who are fairly independent or who are moving toward more independence. Examples of support include household maintenance, budgeting, cooking, recreation or transportation.

Community Living

The Community Living Program assists people who need more comprehensive support, either due to significant medical issues or because of safety concerns. The Community Living Program has two options – support in REACH-owned homes or in a family’s or individual’s home.

REACH owns three homes where groups of individuals live together with round-the-clock staff support. While individual goals are supported, residents of these homes share meals, activities and common spaces in a family-like environment.

The Medically Complex Team within the Community Living Program assists people with extensive medical needs. As with all REACH services, staff support meaningful community participation based on the individual’s preferences, and the staff are also ensuring their more significant health needs are being addressed.