REACH has a dedicated Assistive Technology team that is here to meet the needs of individuals that want to remain aging in place. Assistive technology is for all ages and allows the family and individuals we serve to feel safe and secure in their own space.

The REACH team works to assess an individual’s needs, including environmental controls, sensor based technology, or voice prompts to assist in daily living. The team researches the best and most affordable options and assists in seeking out funding options for such purchases.
The team assists with the full installation process for most technologies which allows easy access for the individual. REACH is there every step of the way from the first initial assessment through installation.

The useful alerts, emails and texts that the technology can provide to the person monitoring the technology can be most helpful in case of emergencies.

The use of technology not only allows for safety and comfort for the family and person using it, it allows for the Service Coordinator of the individual to gather pertinent data that could assist with a better understanding to outside members when developing quarterly and annual reports.

The team is always willing to share their experience with the products they have used and have researched on the market. If you would like to hear more about what we can do, please contact Sabrina Cardinal at 907-796-7244 or