Employer Services

As an employer, we know how difficult it can be to find the right person to certain positions in your company. What you may not know is there are people in our community who would be proud to work for you; who will work with pride and the kind of enthusiasm that can make a great workplace even better.


People with disabilities want to work—and we want to help give them the chance. REACH has witnessed numerous success stories that show the many advantages to employers of hiring these dedicated job seekers:

  • Lower rates of absenteeism and turnover
  • Improved revenues and market share
  • Decreased labor costs
  • Happier employees and customers
  • Tax savings through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit

REACH will be your support system through the entire process. We’ll show you how the process works, work with you to find a qualified employee, supply complete job coaching, training and support. And the best part? Our services are 100% free to you the employer.


Why Hire Through Us

Diversity. Economic value. A more positive workplace.

These are just a few of the positive results employers report upon hiring people with disabilities, with the help of REACH. We are a supportive partner, helping employers like you understand the real economic value of employing individuals with disabilities.

Increased Market Share

Diversity in your workplace will appeal to your customers. Individuals with disabilities and their families make up a huge section of the market. They enjoy doing business with supportive companies.

Improved Productivity

Effective job matching fits the employee’s abilities to the employers’ needs. The right person in the right job makes everyone more productive.

Reduced Turnover

Many positions are well suited to individuals with disabilities.

Improved Morale

Individuals with disabilities want to work and contribute. They are motivated and reliable coworkers who add value to the team. Their enthusiasm and positive attitudes are contagious—and great for team morale.

Higher Retention

Individuals with disabilities are reliable and dependable workers, with some of the highest rates of retention of any employee group.

Low Investment, High Return

There is no additional cost to you, other than the employee’s wages. All of our services are free to employers.


Win-win Situation for All

Hiring individuals with disabilities benefits the workers, the community and your company.


Dispelling the Myths

Setting the record straight.

Myth Accommodations will be difficult and costly.
Truth The average cost of workplace accommodations was $500 or less in 2006. The vast majority of workers with disabilities do not require accommodations.

Myth Employees with disabilities will use more sick leave and health care.
Truth Employees with disabilities have been shown to have better levels of attendance.

Myth Hiring employees with disabilities increases workers’ compensation insurance rates.
Truth Insurance rates are based only on the relative hazards of the operation and the organization’s accident experience, not on whether workers have disabilities.

Myth Individuals with disabilities are unable to meet performance standards.
Truth Studies show employees with disabilities have average or better in job performance compared to employees without disabilities.

Myth Under ADA, an employer cannot fire an employee who has a disability.
Truth Employers can terminate workers with disabilities under three conditions:

  1. Termination is unrelated to the disability
  2. The employee does not meet legitimate requirements the job, such as performance or production standards with or without a reasonable accommodation
  3. Because the employee’s disability, he or she poses a direct threat to health or safety in the workplace.

How We Can Help

Bring meaning to your hiring practices.

Individuals with disabilities want the chance to contribute to our local community, gain independence and a sense of self-worth. They just need employers to hire them. Our job is to remove the obstacles and make it easy.

REACH supports employers and job seekers every step of the way, with free, personalized training, job coaching and guidance. We can find highly capable employees for your open positions, or help structure a job to fit one of our job seekers, this benefits both your business and the employee. Our goal is to fit the individual’s skills to the job you need done.

When needed, REACH provides personalized training to teach workers the skills required, and can educate your team on issues related to disabilities.
We are dedicated to a successful outcome for you, as well as for our individuals. Continued support, problem-solving and guidance will help ensure that outcome.

Employers We Work With

Join a diverse group of businesses who have already discovered the advantages of hiring a person with disabilities served by REACH.

What kinds of businesses hire an individual served by REACH? All different kinds!
REACH is always looking grow our relationships with employers within our community.

Past and current employment partners include:

  • Fred Meyer
  • Starbucks
  • Safeway
  • Office Max
  • Holland America Princess
  • Goldbelt Industries
  • The Canvas
  • Dipac
  • Costco
  • JoAnn Fabrics
  • Blockbuster
  • Subway
  • Foodland
  • World Wide Movers
  • Juneau Sports Fishing
  • Capital City Weekly
  • Prospector Hotel
  • Super 8 Motel
  • The Bridge Adult Day Care
  • Rainbow Foods
  • Coppa
  • IGA
  • The University of Alaska SE